TEDxWarsawWomen is coming to Warsaw again with this year’s event theme: ‘BOLD+BRILLIANT’. Whether it’s business, technology, art, science or politics – we create a community where we learn, empower and inspire each other.

TEDxWarsawWomen is an incredible adventure which takes place in Warsaw only once a year. We provide you with a whole day of inspiring speeches, workshops and conversations.

If you managed to get your ticket, you’ll experience live what millions of people can only see on the Internet. Thus we encourage you to stay with us, in Teatr 6. Pietro in the Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science, throughout the whole day (Friday, Dec 6th, 09:00-17:00). The event will be bilingual, with some of the talks performed in English while some in Polish (translation will be provided). All participants will receive a detailed agenda and instructions on how to apply for various workshops.

If you can’t participate in the event, make sure to follow us on social media – details about ‘BOLD+BRILLIANT’ will be regularly posted there. The talks will be also streamed online and recorded in high audio-video quality.

The time has come to celebrate! Everyone, not only women, is welcome to become bold and brilliant with us! And now… on with the show…

TEDxWarsawWomen 2019

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That’s what happened last year – Event 2018

TEDxWarsawWomen 2018

If you managed to get a ticket you were a part of a fabulous event! Thank you for coming along and making this a beautiful occasion!

All the speeches are already available online in high sound and vision quality.  This is what we mean by the TED’s mission “ideas worth spreading”! You can watch all the videos below.

TEDxWarsawWomen 2018 took place at Teatr 6.Pietro which provided the most unique atmosphere for this one of a kind experience. The theatre, located in the Palace of Culture and Science, ensured an air of intimacy often required to embrace TEDx performances. The conference was bilingual – some of the speakers gave their speeches in English, some in Polish. Translation was provided.

November 30th was a day full of inspiration and thought provoking speakers doing their best to make an impact on the world. This day was full of exciting speeches, workshops and people who – just like you – want to develop and absorb new experiences! In the evening we met for afterparty where we shared our emotions gathered throughout the day.

If you missed it – are you ready to engage in the dialogue next time? It’s time to show up! See live what millions of people can only see on the Internet!

TEDxWarsawWomen is a local, independent TEDx event, licensed by TED.



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If you wish to join the TED community, support TEDxWarsawWomen, or ask any questions, we’re here for you.